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How long will it take to get an immigrant visa interview?
Approximately 1 year.

Will I be assisted in completing the immigrant visa forms and will I be counselled for the immigrant visa interview?
Yes. U.S. immigrantion attorneys who have specific expertise regarding this process will be assisting you to complete the immigrant visa forms as well as to prepare for the immigrant visa interview.

After the interview is completed and the immigrant visa is granted when can I officially immigrate to the U.S.?

Will my spouse and child(ren) be able to immigrate with me at the same time?
Yes. They would also need to complete immigration forms and will need to be present at the immigrant visa interview. Additional fees are required.

What is "Schedule A"?
"Schedule A" is a list of categories designated by the U.S. Dept. of Labor as not requiring alien labor certification. It is a list of occupations that the Secretary of Labor has deemed to be in short supply in the U.S. For the last decade, there have been only two occupations on this list: physical therapists and registered nurses.

What is the VisaScreen certificate?
It is a document that must be submitted to obtain an immigrant visa. It is a certification by a U.S. organization that the foreign nurse is proficient in written and spoken English, that his/her license and educational certificates are authentic, and that his/her professional competency is equivalent to that of a nurse who was born and trained in the U.S.

When should the VisaScreen certificate for nurses be submitted?
The VisaScreen certificate should be submitted along with your application for the immigration visa interview.

How do I take the NCLEX or CGFNS if I'm not in the US?
Arrangements will be made for you to study and take the exams prior to filing the U.S. Permanent Residence case.

Please note that the above general information is subject to changes in the law and procedures and should not be relied upon as the sole source of making a decision on your particular case.

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