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The following is the step-by-step process the candidates follow before arriving in the United States as a licensed RN.

  1. Complete application and return via e-mail, FAX or mail.

  2. Personal or phone interview

  3. Offer extended by hiring hospital

  4. Candidate signs contract with hospital

  5. Completion of files for immigration purposes - diplomas, immigration forms, etc.

  6. Apply for NCLEX exam and begin NCLEX studies

  7. Apply for CGNFS Certificate or Credential Evaluator Service and TOEFL and TSE or MELAB.

  8. Authorization to test {ATT} and additional study materials provided for NCLEX. Candidates should be prepared to test within 90 days of receiving ATT.

  9. Approved RNs will fly to the US or other approved international site to attend a pre-scheduled training session and complete NCLEX.

  10. Attorney conference calls to address immigration issues arranged as needed.

  11. NCLEX exam results available within 30 days.

  12. Attorney files the I-140 (Green Card for permanent residency status) application for successful candidates, initiating the immigration process.

  13. Green Card is issued.

  14. Notice is given to hiring facility and an employment start date is established.

  15. Final departure date to U.S. is fixed. Group flights arranged.

  16. Welcome to the USA! Meet & greet reception by representatives

    of the hiring hospital and

  17. Temporary housing is already arranged. Procedures begun to obtain social security number, drivers license and bank accounts.

  18. Orientation by the hospital in classroom and in the nursing units.

  19. Ninety-day orientation program begins, where nurse is assigned a qualified preceptor.

  20. supports and monitors nurses throughout their orientation period.

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