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Candidate Selection
GNO personnel will conduct a thorough needs assessment of your facility and then its team of global agents continuously recruit and pre-qualify nurse applicants to fit your specified requirements. GNO’s nurse recruiters travel the world to personally interview and select candidates that best match your required qualifications. Your representatives are encouraged to participate in the decision-making process, review and accept files of nurses and interview via phone, view video conferencing as available and even accompany GNO to the nurse’s country of origin to secure a nurse who meets its qualifications and who will best assimilate into its healthcare environment. Nurses are recruited and targeted specifically for your facility.

GNO’s fast-track legal team has more than 30 years combined experience in immigration, specializing in assisting employers who sponsor foreign healthcare workers for visas and permanent residency. These experts, with worldwide contacts, stay on the cutting edge of advancements and changes affecting immigration law. They support both the nurse applicants and sponsoring hospitals to facilitate the immigration process and deliver your nurse to your door as quickly as possible.

Countries of Origin
Nurses are currently being recruited from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Philippines, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Each nurse must complete the NCLEX, TOEFL/TSE or MELAB and CGFNS exams as required. GNO provides tutorials comprised of custom designed preparatory and review courses prior to each exam to assist the nurses in passing the required tests, both here and abroad.

The processes required to deliver a qualified international nurse to the United States averages 18-24 months in length. This includes recruitment, qualification, testing, Visa screening and approval, immigration and travel time. You will be updated on a monthly basis, minimum, as to the status of the nurse{s} targeted for your facility. GNO monitors the testing and immigration every step of the way for each nurse candidate to ensure expediency and to provide assistance whenever necessary.

GNO charges a flat fee per nurse ordered, payable in three installments over the course of a two-year period. The fee is all inclusive and there is no minimum. Please call GNO at 800.323.7408 or click here and complete a no-obligation job order to receive a quote.

GNO guarantees its nurse placements for three months from the start of employment or will source a replacement at no additional charge.

Click here to submit a no obligation job order and a GNO representative will contact you.

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