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GNO provides immediate access to RNs and other healthcare professionals who are actively seeking employment. In addition to recruiting form its own website -, GNO sources candidates from a number of active US - Nursing Boards, reciprocal arrangements with other recruiting firms, industry referrals, global print advertising and job fairs.

GNO’s expert team of recruiters consists of RNs who themselves possess clinical backgrounds and who carefully prospect, screen, validate skills and interview candidates before they are ever presented to a client. Nurses interview nurses to ensure that the candidates are properly qualified and possess the necessary education and experience, as required by the hiring facility.

Placements are guaranteed for three months from the date of hire or a replacement candidate will be sourced at no additional charge.

GNO’s flat fee per candidate is strictly contingency based, payable only if a candidate is hired.

There is no charge to review resumes or interview candidates. No fee is charged to nurse applicants.

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A quality The premiere recruitment firm for Registered Nurses. GNO will assist you every step of the way to secure you a job and to help you become a permanent resident of the United States.